Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Thanksgiving Dessert - Food Finish Gilded Toasted Pecan Flourless Chocolate Cake

As I mentioned I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner at Miss R's on Sunday night and for dessert I baked my take on a pecan pie - a toasted pecan laced flourless chocolate cake. I took the opportunity to try out the Food Finish edible gold spray paint {as previously posted http://thebijouxeditrix.blogspot.com/2011/10/gilded-gourmet.html} that the lovely people at The Deli Garage sent me and below is the result.  This is such a fun product, it doesn't bring a chemical taste to what it is applied to, just an amazing metallic sheen.  I can't wait to think of something to do with the silver one for Christmas day! If like me you think that spray painting your Christmas dinner in a rainbow of metallics will bring an unusual spin to what can sometimes be quite a stressful meal to make then order now as this product is only available from Germany so will take at least a week to ship. http://www.the-deli-garage.com/FOOD-FINISH_detail_16.html

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