Thursday, 15 July 2010

'Miss R's Hen Do' part 4 - the balloon launch ...

After we had eaten our savoury course we all ventured outside of the bandstand with the balloons that had been attached to all of our chairs to make wishes as we released them into the sky en mass.  It was such a beautiful moment and even though the temperature outside was alot colder than I had hoped, the cloudy sky makes for quite a fabulous set of images I think!

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'Miss R's Hen Do' part 3 - the hens ... to be continued ...

He comes the bride (to be)...helped along by myself and the gorgeous Emma
Miss Miller leads Miss R upto the band stand after kidnapping her and taking her for a manicure and a glass champagne {or two}!
The glamourous Aimee and Mims wait for Miss R to arrive on the bandstand
Miss R with our amazing Mother of the Bride Hazel.
Beautiful Becky and Nicola looking fabulous in there exquisite chapeau's!  Special thanks for your help with setting up the band stand ladies.
Becky grins through the cold as Miss R's face says it all - 'I am cold!' bless her.

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'Miss R's Hen Do' part 2 - the guest of honor ...

The gorgeous bunny ear bride to be Miss R, wearing her rather fetching hand made lace veil {courtesy of yours truly} greets her guests!

Hugging Karin!
More hugs for Eva!
Even more hugs for Siouxsie and William {aka the Cheshire cat!}

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

'Miss R's Hen Do' part 1 - setting the scene ...

Apologies for our gap in posts these last few weeks, Miss R's big day is fast approaching - 1 week this Saturday!   We are busy getting all of our bijoux finds together ready to transform the barn where the wedding party will be held into a magical setting for the celebrations.    

So as the bride to be's sister and only bridesmaid it was my mission to make sure Miss R's hen do on Saturday June 19th was a fabulous day she would always treasure, even if the weather was not as kind as I had hoped for!  With a lot of planning, secret phone calls and emails between myself and all the other hens we managed to keep the days proceedings top secret from the bride to be until her special day.

Miss R loves a picnic and so I came up with the idea of using the gorgeous old band stand in our local and much loved Queens Park as our venue for the day.  A loose mad hatter's tea party theme was announced to the 15 guests and with a lot of help from the amazing Mr R to be we managed to create a proper picnic feast for our very special girl.  Enjoy the photos below!

The band stand, special thanks to Nicola, Becky and Mummy for your brilliant balloon blowing skills! Photo courtesy of Miss Moller.
The dining table complete with old jam jars which we drank our Pimms and ginger ale apperitif from and vintage tea cups and saucers for the chilled Prosecco that flowed during our grown up tea party!

Playing card place settings!

The feast!

The 'sound system'!

Organised by: Miss J