Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Miss R in 'Your Home'...

Miss R was featured in a 6 page spread in the March 2011 'Your Home' magazine and even though I am sure she is going to b*ll*ck me for posting about it, I thought it was too cool not to share it with you all. Thanks to Miss R's sister-in-law, the lovely Lorna for the scans (yes I 'borrowed' them off of your book of face post - sorry).  Anyway enjoy a sneak peak inside Miss R's bijoux home...

Posted by: Miss J

Monday, 7 March 2011

Karen Elson - The Truth Is In The Dirt (Official Video)

So it's been an age since I (Miss J) or Miss R posted on here, we will be getting back into the swing of it soon I promise. Miss R is training hard to run the London Marathon in April and unfortunately our Saturday morning car boot adventures have taken a serious back seat to her weekly 'long' run which clashes disastrously!   She is currently on 17 1/2 miles and is so committed to the cause, running for Help the Heroes.  I for one am a little in awe of her dedication. Anyway I will stop rambling and share this video with you.  I have a bit of a girl crush on Miss Elson and also found that the styling, sets and general feel made me dream about all of the treasures we may discover when we return to our rummaging very soon.

Posted by: Miss J