Sunday, 6 December 2009

My first attempt at layered Jelly...

This Jelly was made using my vintage Jelly mold pictured in the October post 'Archive Bootcar Kitchenalia...'. It was my first attempt at a layered jelly and not my finest hour in the kitchen but was lots of fun and took me back to being little and making pink jelly set in a rabbit mold and then mushing up some set green Lime jelly to make the grass the rabbit would sit on....memories! (Please excuse the blurry photograph.)

Bijoux Archive - Taxidermy

I bought these butterflies at a wonderful underground car boot sale in Edinburgh some time ago, I am on a continuous search to find more of the vintage wooden box frames to house them, at present the only framed one is a little lonely on my wall and all his friends are awaiting their homes and to live on the wall. If any one knows of a place selling these type of frames please do email us, I'd be very grateful.
This pair of deer antlers were bought together for £15 a few months ago. I have seen them in vintage furniture shops on Portobello Road for £25-£30 each so I was very pleased with these two.

Bought by: Miss R

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Bijoux Archive - Disney Dressing-Up Box Additions...

Dressing up props are always on my radar...10p for the pair - bargainous! I am going to transform the Mickey ears into some sort of veiled, glittered this space!

Bought by: Miss J

Saturday 5th December - A pair of Rabbits

This pair of Rabbit molds were £1, maybe I can re create the Rabbit jelly scene of our childhood. I will tell the story in my post about Jelly soon.

These two Swedish vintage enamel tins for Sultanas and Currants were £5 for the pair, I think I will use them to store tea inside.

Bought by: Miss R

This lovely tin was £2.The pair of frames above were £2. These will of course be painted white and used to house family photographs. As you can see we like pairs of things, I don't know might have something to do with being twins but who knows, collecting pairs of things is fun.This little mirror was £1.

Bought by: Miss J

Saturday 28th November - Elizabeth David

Flying solo today, no Miss J. But the car boot is calling me so off I go in search of treasure and oh wow it was worth it. There are lots of guys that do house clearance at the car boot we visit and as I was searching through box after box of books (books were the only items for sale at this stall) I realised that the majority of books were about wine and some on the subject of food and cookery. As I searched I overheard the man who's stall it was telling a friend that the house clearance had been for a food and wine writer, this news for me was very exciting and I searched some more. As I have said before I am always on the lookout for Cookery books to add to my collections. Then I struck gold, this vintage Elizabeth David cookery book 'French Provincial Cooking' which was published in London by Michael Joseph in 1960! It was buried deep and in my excitement to get it out of the box I ripped the spine and am still cross at my self as I write this blog but never mind. I put this in my little pile of books to buy and carried on searching. It was not until I was on the journey home that I started to look at the book in greater detail and that is when I found tucked in the back sleeve an invitation to the food and wine writer to attend Elizabeth Davids memorial service on 1o September 1992 and then the actual memorial service program. I felt like I'd stepped back in time as I looked at these amazingly interesting documents. Amongst these were letters to the writer from Elizabeth and cuttings from magazines and newspapers that Elizabeth wrote back in 1965-1968. I can't wait to read them all. What an incredible treasure!! (£2)

Bought by: MissR

Saturday 21st - storms forecast in London - No Booty!

Saturday 14th November - Nostalgic Novelties...

Miss R and I loved puzzles as children. I saw this harlequin / circus-esque example (oh how I love anything big top / carousel related) and thought how lovely it would be to take it home at Christmas and reminisce about when we were little and liked nothing better than wiling away the hours at our Grandad's. The lady assured me that all of the pieces were present and correct - so we will see... The Enid Blyton books were a bargain at 5 for £2 and have been sent to my lovely friend PP as a little pressie for her new little baby Poppy! I started collecting coronation china a while ago - these pieces ranged from 50p - £2 each. If like me you enjoy all things royal/regal check out Liberty's amazing Christmas store windows - an exquisite homage to HRH!

Bought by: Miss J

Saturday 7th November - Tin bread bin

We see alot of vintage enamel tin items at the car boot, however alot of the time the condition isn't great and the items on sale have been ravaged by rust! I was very pleased when Miss R spotted this large bread bin for £10. I thought this was quite expensive at the time but after a good inspection saw that the condition was great and after a little encouragement realised I would only be gutted if I went back to the stall and it was gone! I am using it as a rather chic recycling bin.

Bought by: Miss J