Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday 14th November - Nostalgic Novelties...

Miss R and I loved puzzles as children. I saw this harlequin / circus-esque example (oh how I love anything big top / carousel related) and thought how lovely it would be to take it home at Christmas and reminisce about when we were little and liked nothing better than wiling away the hours at our Grandad's. The lady assured me that all of the pieces were present and correct - so we will see... The Enid Blyton books were a bargain at 5 for £2 and have been sent to my lovely friend PP as a little pressie for her new little baby Poppy! I started collecting coronation china a while ago - these pieces ranged from 50p - £2 each. If like me you enjoy all things royal/regal check out Liberty's amazing Christmas store windows - an exquisite homage to HRH!

Bought by: Miss J

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