Sunday, 1 November 2009

Bijoux Archive - Blue bargains...

This beautiful tin is very big and has an incredibly pretty design and only cost me 50p.
Another plate to add to my collection, I love the crown emblem on the back....This was £1.00!
I'm always on the lookout for vintage enamel tableware. This bowl was in great condition and £1!

Bought by: Miss R

Saturday 31st - Ornate Louis Style Frame...

We collect these frames and use them to display treasured photographs of friends and family. They look really good all mixed up together on a wall and even make the more simple, modern frames look more appealing, when hung next to these vintage varieties...£2. Oh, and yes this is going to be painted white!

Bought by: Miss J {31.10.2009}

Saturday 31st - Concave Mirror...

I have been after one of these concave mirrors for a while now after lusting after my friend Siouxsie's when I painted it white for her a few years ago.  I spotted this one in really good condition and shock horror, I'm even considering keeping the frame gold and not painting it white (which you may have gathered by now) is totally my trademark!

Bought by: Miss J, £5 {31.10.2009 - all hallows eve}

Saturday 31st - Ring Ring...

Silver Sapphire and Silver Garnet cluster rings £17

I love vintage jewellery as opposed to modern pieces as a rule.  I collect vintage rings in particular.  So as you can imagine I was like a child in a sweetshop when I stumbled across the above beauties.  I knew they would work perfectly with the large vintage sapphire cluster ring that I wear everyday (which incidentally I bought years ago at a street sale for £5 in Brighton).  I even did a spot of haggling with the lovely old man selling them and got him down from £10 each to £17 for both.  Bargain!  I thought I would post a couple of photos of how I like to wear a few rings stacked up on one finger and my growing collection.

Bought by: Miss J {31.10.2009}

Bookshelf...before and after...

...Renovating and breathing new life into furniture is a hobby that we enjoy and find really rewarding.  I was in desperate need of a bookshelf and saw this solid wood beauty and knew it had 'paint me white' potential written all over it!  I have lost count of the amount of items I have transformed with a lick of white paint, much to Miss R's amusement!  I got it for £12 and am really pleased with the results!

Bought by: Miss J


Books at car boot sales can be an absolute steal. Not only can you discover really old editions and covers with great character like the Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppin's above but it is a great place to find additions for your home library. Miss R is always on the lookout for cookery books to add to her collection. To date she has bought Nigel Slater's Eating for England for £2 (retails for £16.99) which was as good as new as well as various vintage culinary publications including some retro Delia, Michel Roux and Prue Leith. Miss R loves to cook and enjoys adding vintage recipe volumes to her growing collection of modern cookery books. Most of the books in this post were £1 each. Last photo is Miss R burrowing through bargain books boxes.

Bought by: Miss J & Miss R

Bootcar Archive...

...we usually get up at ridiculous o'clock on Saturday mornings to visit one of our favourite car boots in London. A couple of weeks ago we were both particularly tired. I wasn't really feeling the car boot on this morning but Miss R was in full swing, snapping up bargains left right and centre. At one particularly large and bountiful house clearance stall Miss R excelled herself by firstly purchasing the below Pentaligons porcelain pot (£1); managing to smash a cup; offering to pay for the breakage and being declined by the lovely stall holder and then getting all of the above for just £1 - all in the space of a couple of minutes! Unbelievable!!

Bought by: Miss R

Bijoux Archive

Dressing up box...
...I have a passion for dressing up that borders on the obsessional. One of my favourite past times (as well as searching for hidden gems in peoples car boots of course) is creating fantastical fancy dress outfits for various occasions throughout the year. I am always on the look out for new pieces and props I can add to my ever expanding dressing up box, so imagine how pleased I was when I spotted this vintage groom's top hat, in great condition and a small head size for only £5...what a steal!
My muse Marilyn...

...mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all...vintage Monroe memorabilia always catches my eye, especially as I have been rocking a bleach blonde roller set homage hairstyle for a number of months now...£1
100x50cm vintage print...£5
Bought by: Miss J