Wednesday, 23 November 2011


So here is a peak of what I am wearing from the Versace for H&M collection...think the cap will really come into it's own next Spring Summer with the massive team sports trend that will be everywhere.  The trop-croc-palm-print mens shirt got it's debut at Miss R's dinner soiree on Monday night and the pleated leopard sunset skirt has already been worn twice dressed down with my love worn Ashish for Topshop 'Bonjour/Au Revoir' sweat. Now all I need is for lady luck to be on my side with the baroque print gold, black and white vintage Versace silk shirts I am watching on ebay and I will be a true Versacette.  Or I would quite happily take one of these limited edition, solid Gianni-esque gold re-issued shirts {} off of net-a-porter's hands. Just saying.
Santa baby, slip a Versace under the tree, for me 
I've been an awful good girl...

...and for all of you who can't get enough of the Versace vibes or couldn't get to a store to take part in last week's fashion scrum, the collabo continues with a Cruise collection going exclusively online in January 2012.  Think fruity floral prints in blue lilac, candy pink and white, spaghetti straps, baby doll dresses, printed denim hot pants, white jeans with gold embroidered side seams, bikini's, ballet pumps and strappy sandals.

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