Friday, 4 November 2011

Foot Fetish Friday - Sports-Shower-Surf-Sandal...

My ex ex used to wear this kind of slip-on sandal after football in the showers.  Sometimes he would even sport them with white socks and tracksuit after he played.  Little did I know that in the hands of Christopher Kane and fusing a foil floral fabric and crystal embellishments, such a shape could become a luxury-sport-sandal and dare I say it, covetable.  I really like a chunkier flat sandal come summer and as I have feet issues {they are not the prettiest but probs not as bad as I think} I usually opt for maximum toe/foot coverage so the below styles with the double straps speak to me.  As Marc Jacobs asks his right hand man in his Louis Vuitton docu 'is this so wrong it's right?' blurring the boundaries of bad taste and making something that you may initally think wouldn't work totally does.  Step forward these Monsieur Kane babies  - so wrong they're right?  What do you think...

Christopher Kane S/S 2012
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