Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hampstead Heath - a new Guy Fawkes night tradition...

Last night was ALOT of fun. After shunning the firework display in Battersea Park due to the £10 on the door price tag, really?  Am sure their show was spectacular but come on, we enjoyed free entertainment in various forms on the Heath along with lots of other Londoners. As we walked up from the station hip flasks at the ready we were met by the eery mist that is left after fireworks have gone off.  It was really dark but our eyes soon adjusted and we got to see so many different pyrotechnics lighting up the sky, from the DIY displays only a few metres from us to the bigger budget affairs in the distance.  There was also a group of people releasing lanterns into the night sky that were magical to watch as they blew up, up and away into the distance.  It was such a lovely atmosphere with people cheering and one group even quaffing champagne out of flutes! We decided that this should become a new bonfire night tradition and that next year we will get the rest of the gang on board.  Maybe we will even bring a bottle of bubbles too!

{image courtesy of Mr S}
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