Thursday, 17 November 2011

Versace for H&M Regent Street Launch...

Myself and my work friend Mr L arrived at H&M's Regent St store in London just after 8am this morning ready for some Versace induced fashion hysteria. We were covering the launch for work and whilst I secured a place in the queue Mr L got to work papping the crowds. There were ALOT of dapper dressers in attendance and I have to say it was the guys that got my vote in the style stakes.  Whilst Mr L was busy street style shooting I was tweeting and being interviewed for 10 Magazine and Channel 5 news {eek}!  Unfortunately this meant I missed seeing the lady herself, Donatella gracing her hardcore fans with an appearance on the specially rolled out pink carpet! I've heard varying degrees of get-there-early queue craziness on the rumour mill, from 5am this morning to 4pm yesterday afternoon {really?} - I hope those 'Versacettes' bought the pieces that were on their wishlists after that kind of insanity dedication.  I will post some photos of my Versace swag {as Miss R referred to it earlier} tomorrow but until then I will leave you firstly with these three guys that were literally loaded down with bags and managing to look very cool with it and then a couple of link to yours truly {jade hair, pink fur}.

{John, Nico and Adi}

{Love how they have edited this footage - 10 out of 10!}
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