Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bridal Beanie...

Sport chic in various guises {couture/floral/fifties'/tribal/tropical sport} was all over the catwalks of Spring Summer 2012.  As was the finale bride traditionally seen at the end of a couture show.  In Raf Simons' last installment of his couture trilogy at Jil Sander we were treated to not one but four beautifully minimal brides {as previously posted}, however it is the ingenious beanie 'street' styling that also graced his models heads that got me thinking.  So you are a non-girly girl getting married and are shunning the traditional veil {as Miss R did much to my constant failed persuading last year at her wedding} but you would like to wear something on your head.  Enter the humble knitted beanie.  Executed in cashmere and adorned with a matching white vintage-esque net you are onto a winner, a modern day sports pill box if you will. I have already tried out a DIY version of the below in black and am definitely going to rock it on my next evening outing.

 Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2012
Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2012
images - www.style.com 
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