Saturday, 24 September 2011

My name is Miss J...

...and I am an addict.  I am addicted to Miu Miu accessories.  There, I've said it.  They say the first step is admittal.  Can anyone blame me with such beautiful delights on offer every season?  Well maybe I am not a complete addict, I haven't forfeited rent/bill/grocery money to fund my addiction, yet!  As you know it was mine and Miss R's birthday last week and we were lucky enough to get some birthday dollar from le famille and guess where some of mine ended up?  Winging it's way to the exquisite Miu Miu Bond Street store, that's where.  From the hotel style revolving door, stiletto sinking deep pile carpet to the gold bullion shoe wall, everything is exquisite.  Today I managed to acquire a pair of THE hardest sunglasses to get your hands on this season. As soon as I saw these babies on the catwalk back in March it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT {as you may have already read in a previous post}.   After missing the first drop of these Noir beauties {thank you Miu Miu PR with incorrect delivery info} I thought my dream was over until to my surprise the helpful store assistant called me on Thursday and said we have just had a delivery of two pairs of red and two pairs of a different colour.  If you would like them you had better be quick!  So I hot-footed it first thing and was served by a gorgeous assistant who made my purchase all the more magical.  Loving the maid-like dresses that the girls were wearing, would kill to get my hands on one of those I tell you.  Maybe I should seriously consider a Saturday job?...Anyway I thought I would share them with you, from the ribboned bag to the chartreuse velvet case {lined inside and out no less}.  The red encased glitter even matches my signature shade of red lipstick {Chanel, Rouge Allure, 'Enthusiast'}, I am a happy bunny.

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