Friday, 16 September 2011

Happy 64th to us - Part 2...

Last night Miss R and myself celebrated the birthday in our local with some of our closest friends, Mr R and Bay of course {who was rocking a rather fetching pink neckerchief}.  The night before I baked one of my signature flourless chocolate cakes at the wonderful William and Siouxsie's flat as I am sans oven at my postage stamp size flat!  As ever le cake did it's trademark trick of coming out of the oven looking lovely and tall and then collapsing into a cracked volcano-esque mess, but hey nothing some soft fruits couldn't hide and it did taste good - even if I do say so myself! Special thanks to my glamourous assistant Aimee who helped me cut the cake and make each slice look semi presentable, no mean feat after a couple of glasses of white wine!

Posted by: Miss J

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