Tuesday, 27 September 2011

From 'Lovers & Losers' to my new 'Little Black Book'...

Years ago my gorgeous bestie Siouxsie bought me a Smythson Wee 'Lovers & Losers' notebook which I used as a phone number/address book until it was literally full to bursting and there were no pages left for new acquaintances.  It is pretty love worn so on my birthday wishlist that Miss R asked me to write was a Smythson address book.  My amaze brother Mr R gifted the below 'Little Black Book' to me and wrote the most lovely message inside {he has such a way with words, his birthday cards always make me cry!} Last night I borrowed Miss R's wee 'Little Black Book' and copied all of our shared friends and famille into it's new big brother, I really enjoyed it, such a delight to write in - thank you Mr R.  You rock!

...don't they look so darling altogether?...
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