Saturday, 10 September 2011

Maggie Jagger...

Georgia May Jagger is almost unrecognizable on the cover and inside editorial of the latest issue of POP magazine. Without her trademark blonde locks and gap toothed grin she is transformed into a prim lady-who-lunches sporting some rather dubious wig choices and with mouth demurely closed.  In September's Harper's Bazaar she is transformed again in a shoot that is a complete homage to Britain's first and only female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher a.k.a The Iron Lady as she was nicknamed.

...I saw this shoot and instantly thought of Madonna's take on Maggie from years ago, but can I find the image anywhere? I have scoured the internet with no luck so will dig it out of one of my old sketchbooks from Uni and upload soon - it is such a great photo! I did find this Blitz cover from 1989 though...

...Finally, Meryl Streep has immortilized the Baroness in forthcoming film The Iron Lady which I think will be a must see movie when it's released in the UK next year. 

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