Sunday, 4 December 2011

This is England '88...

Christmas TV - you either love it or hate it, have certain Christmas specials you just won't miss and some that leave you feeling cold.  I am not a massive TV watcher {I don't have a TV in my flat} and watch the things I am really interested in seeing on catch up.  However I will definitely be hot footing it to Miss R's sizable flat screen in a couple of weeks for 'This is England '88'.  Shane Meadows is back with what he is describing as 'kind of like a very brutal Nativity play… I just remember Christmas being shit… I wanted to make a sort of broken Nativity play, but there’s a real positive outcome, I hope." It picks up from where we left Lol, Woody, Shaun et al in 86', 18 months on.  I literally cannot wait, I loved the original film and then the four part series last year.  Screening on three consecutive nights starting on December 13th at 10pm on Channel 4. So if you have Christmas party plans that week then get your tv's set to record what I am sure will be an amaze anti establishment Christmas special.  Until then here is the trailer - enjoy!

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