Tuesday, 27 December 2011

'PURL' - molecular mixologists in Marylebone...

My fave Christmas drinks this year have to be the experimental cocktails at basement bar Purl in Marylebone http://www.purl-london.com/.  Think part NY speakeasy part Heston Blumental {out of the kitchen and behind the bar} and you are along the right lines.  I have been wanting to go here for ages and it totally didn't disappoint. Mr Hyde's Fixer Upper has to be the most exciting cocktail I have ever experienced, in a single serve ice bucket and complete with atmosphere inducing liquid nitrogen dry ice, the rum, homemade cola and orange bitters is served in a science-lab style wax sealed bottle that you drink in two parts to allow the smokiness to intensify the liqour. Resembling a pink angel delight dessert the cocktail below is in actual fact a pomegranate foam on top of a sublime gin based cocktail - delicious and dangerously strong, they certainly packed a festive kick!  

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