Sunday, 11 December 2011

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas - Stunning Selfridges Store Windows...

I adore Selfridges London Christmas window displays this year.  They are simply stunning.  Starting at the amazing Mark Quinn snow globe-esque orchid in the corner window and walking to the other end of the store I took in all of the winter white wonder in every window, taking a tonne of photos, the 'edit' {there are quite a few} below are my absolute faves.  If you live in London go see in person, the attention to detail and sheer amount of vintage paper concertina bells and balls is immense.  It really got me inspired and even though I hadn't planned on doing any decorating in my little flat this year, I am now going to dig out my own white paper concertina bells and arrange over my white chesterfield.  I will post a photo when I am done.

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