Saturday, 10 December 2011

Great Expectations for BBC1's Great Expectations...

As well as excitement for the return of Absolutely Fabulous on Christmas day I am also really looking forward to seeing the BBC's three part adaption of Charles Dickens novel 'Great Expectations'.  The cast includes Ray Winston as escaped convict Magwitch, Gillian Anderson totally transformed as a younger than expected Miss Havisham, David Sucett as Jaggers and Douglas Booth as the older Pip. I loved this book at school and can't wait to see what twists Sarah Phelp's has up her sleeve for it and what parts of the 700 page original will have been omitted to squeeze into 3x 1 hour programs which will air from the 27th - 29th December, perfectly placed between Christmas and New Year.  I am particularly interested in seeing the set of Miss Havisham's Satis house, there is a really detailed article on the Telegraph about the re-make {} and here is the trailer -  

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