Monday, 30 May 2011

Eminent Emin - Love is what you want...

Today I visited the Tracey Emin exhibition 'Love is what you want' at the Hayward Gallery in London with my friend Mr L.  We both really enjoyed it, I particularly liked the room upstairs with the white neons and the single neutral appliqued blanket 'It Always Hurts' made up of various words and sentences in shades of off white, beige, cream and nude.  I would have loved to see this piece outside its framed glass fronted case like the room of blankets when you enter.  To see the craftsmanship that has gone into each one of these blankets up close is awe-inspiring and en mass (x12) hung closely together they looked amazing. Unfortunately (but obviously) photos were not allowed so I have found a couple of images from the press material from the show below to give you a taster.  I wish I could share images of my most favourite pieces, instead whilst walking round I wrote down words / elements of a blanket, letter, neon or sculpture that I felt connected to in some way or that touched me.

Love to the end
The past is a heavy place
I want to love forever
Lover of my life
The last great moment is love
Tiny beautiful kisses
It always hurts
I can feel your smile
Why be afraid when I will be the one who carries you to heaven
Just love

I would urge you to go see this exhibition at the Hayward gallery which runs until 29th August 2011.

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