Sunday, 8 May 2011

Behind the scenes: William Wilde shoot - Part 1...

A couple of months ago I assisted my amazingly talented and dear friend designer William Wilde when he shot his Valentine collection 'Through with Love' at a wonderful old pub in east London.  The Roost {once open as a drinking establishment}, a four floor location filled with a fabulous array of vintage props, furniture and curiosities created a wonderful backdrop to Mr Wilde's designs. In this his second collection William has used his signature crafted bows, gingham print and engineered chevron stripes alongside candy stripes, ruby encrusted bust and bikini embellishments and hand drawn printed silk kimono's to exquisite effect - enjoy!

The collection
A girl can never have too many shoes...
William spraying rubber 'Cherry Cocktail' dress to make it nice and glossy!  The Vivienne Westwood Squiggle Print wallpaper created the perfect graphic background for this predominantly red, white and pink collection.
Final make-up touches...
More rubber spray - we must have got through 6 cans at least!  The gorgeous Stacey in her final look of the day - powder pink Vanity Cape, Pussy Blouse and Hot Pants.
A rare moment of reflection.

To view the complete collection follow the below link - 

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  1. Wow, that's amazing, I truly love his designs !
    If ever you needed a stylist assistant to help you carry the whole things, change the model and everything, i've done that before, and would really love to get another experience in styling :)
    see you !