Friday, 13 July 2012

Foot Fetish Friday - 'Plastic Prada Clogs'...

During the sales I tend to treat myself to a designer item that would, full price, be out of my price range rather than say buying lots of things from the high street with price points I can afford.  That's not to say I avoid the high street sales entirely, I have picked up a couple of pieces from Topshop so far during the summer sales.  Anyway, as you all know I have a very soft spot for shoes and so come sale time I tend to make a beeline for the shoe section in London's department stores.  It used to be the Selfridges shoe sale that stole my heart bank balance each season, but I have to come clean, Selfridges I have been unfaithful, I have cheated on you and am having a new love affair with Liberty's well edited footwear department.  I picked up these plastic rhinestone clogs a couple of Saturday's ago and think they will make a great evening holiday shoe.  Originally £640, I snapped them up for the bargain price of £119 and CANNOT wait to debut them in Hawaii {yes Hawaii - scream!} in a few weeks time.

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