Thursday, 5 July 2012

Behind the Scenes Bride..., as mentioned previously {back in November 2011}
I have been working on the lovely Miss K's wedding dress for the last few months and on Saturday her big day finally arrived and she married her now husband Mike in a ceremony up north in Yorkshire.  She is now on honeymoon in Bali {jealous - moi?} so I will post some photos of her special day here when she returns, for now I thought I would whet your appetite with the below close up shots of her dress. As you know the dress had been her Mum's wedding dress, handmade by her nan and I was tasked with reworking it to look less 'frankensteins bride' {those are the brides words not mine} long gothic sleeves and high neck, more modern, vintage charm.  In terms of silhouette, I dropped the neckline to show off the brides beautiful shoulders and collar bones and shortened/took in the sleeve to create an elbow length look. I didn't have to do any work from the waist down shape wise but I did have to hand sew ALOT of gorgeous French lace mixed in with some vintage lace from her Mum's veil. The bride found the perfect headpiece at a vintage shop, so another of my brides sans veil but the piece looked perfect, accessorized simply with opal earrings and vintage gold pumps her look was complete.  I can't wait to share the actual photos from the day, but for now - enjoy!

 Vintage lace from her Mum's original veil...
 ...detail from the heavily lace appliqued train...
 ...just shy of 100 meters of thread and all the lace applique is complete...
...the finishing touch 'something blue' ribbon sewed into the lining side seam, when I showed the bride we both totally welled up, I felt so emotional when I finished as so much care and love had gone into all that hand sewing!

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