Saturday 28 July 2012

'Blur vs. Oasis'...

On Thursday eve myself, Mr J and my friend Jaz attended the private view of the new Blur 21: The exhibition at the LondonNewcastle Gallery on Redchurch Street, East London.  With all of the band in attendance {although gutted I didn't spot one member *walks around with eyes closed*} there was such a buzz in the space and this was only added to by delicious Sauvignon Blanc {no cheap house white here}, Couvoisier cocktails - cooler or punch and copious canapes; I think I lost count of the number of goats cheese filled cherry tomatoes with thyme foam I ate, and this from someone who usually doesn't indulge in finger food at such events due to a} fear of dropping food down myself, b} ending up with food in my teeth at in inopportune moment or c} said canape being laced with meat - oh the fear of the veggie!  Anyway after drooling over Alex James {Jaz, not myself} and looking at all the well edited images we started having a debate about whether back in the day we were Oasis or Blur, back then it was Oasis, present day we decided Blur - so who were you in the original battle of Britpop? The show runs until August 14th so go take a look, below is a selection of my fave images...

Damon as Debbie Harry - genius!

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