Thursday, 10 June 2010

Saturday 5th July....

After a sad week in Bijouxland last week (our usual car boot was cancelled due to the racecourse being used for an actual inconsiderate..hee hee!) we were up at 6am and raring to go. Here are my finds from two car boots we raced around on Saturday morning. It was a gorgeous day, thank you sunshine :) Vintage Amaretti biscuit tins (50p and £1), large platter (£1), huge serving dish (£1), glass cheese dome (£3), 2 x enamel saucepans (£3) and my favourite purchase the gumball dispenser (£2). Miss J and I have been in search of one of these for a while now for a certain project. The lady told us the mechanism didn't work so it wouldn't take coins but would still dispense whatever you put inside, this is in fact perfect for what we have planned, after taking it apart and a good clean I think it looks rather lovely.

Miss J immediately suggested how perfect these would be for melting chocolate for baking, without having to balance bowls over boiling water. The perfect chocolate bain marie!!

Bought by: Miss R

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  1. Wow these finds are great! can you possibly reveal the location of the car boot sales that you go to? I go to some great ones when I am home at my mums in Worcestershire but don't know of any in and around London? Any info you could give would be great!! Thanks