Sunday, 27 June 2010

Saturday 26th June...

What a lovely day for a boot sale, the sun was shining over London and off we went in search of treasure. Here is what I found, all will become clear after the wedding, which is now only four weeks away, the countdown begins....eek!! I still have lots of things to do and projects to finish but I'm getting very excited about becoming a wife...hee hee.
Large gumball machine which was a bit dusty but has cleaned up a treat (£5), it completely dwarfs the one I found a few weeks ago but will look great for what I have planned, terracotta pots (6 for £2), beautiful wooden, hand painted vintage toy train with moveable soldiers, (a gift for a very special little boy), and an array of vintage books (£5), basket (£3).
Don't you just love the spotty book at the bottom. It is entitled Haunted Britain, which almost put me off purchasing but I thought I won't be reading it as I'm far too much of a scaredy cat and it does look pretty so it came home with me anyway.
I had wished for a basket like this to use as a shopper for some time now after spotting a fabulous Japanese girl in town sporting one as her shopping bag, this one is such a great oblong shape, making it very easy to carry, I love the way it looks perched on our huckleberry finn coat rack by the front door too, which used to only house my cycle helmet and Mr. R's vespa helmet, this looks far more Bijoux!

Bought by: Miss R

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