Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Saturday 24th (Miss R's treasure)...

I know... I hear you cry another glass dome, I can't seem to stop looking for these beauties. Miss J and I dream of one day finding a huge glass dome. This one housed a glass sculpture of an oil rig, I'm sorry I keep getting too carried away when I get home and cleaning everything before I photograph the before shots. I must try harder this week :)
Anyway the dome was £2 and the vintage Chanel perfume bottle was 5p, I had to buy it as I had just last week been drawing this bottle for a new illustration I am doing so it seemed like destiny...hee hee!!
Metal jug, glass jar, old fashioned milk bottle (this brought back some memories, it seems like a world away when we lived at home and had milk delivered), and small glass bottle all 50p each.
I'm afraid I was not as successful as the last two weeks in my quest for wedding props and felt a little disappointed but the below purchase more than made up for it. I have been searching for a cupboard to fit in a space in my kitchen for months. I saw the below 1950's cupboard and fell for its retro charm immediately. However I was convinced it would not fit as it was a few centimetres wider than the space I had measured. When Miss J enquired of the price (£15) she talked me into buying it as it was such a steal and she has seen 1950's cabinets like these go for much more on Ebay and so I purchased it from the very kind seller. She was right of course and it just fit, after a little struggle Miss J managed to get it into the space for me. As Miss J will attest I am a little useless when it comes to moving heavy things. Unfortunately when getting it in the car a piece of the glass top broke off. Then another getting it into the flat and finally I removed the last piece. I had not been that keen on the top of it so didn't really mind. I decided to sand it off and paint it white to match the rest and afterwards realised a large bread board I had would be an almost perfect fit to lay on top of my newly refurbished cupboard. I am very happy with the final result and look at the pretty pale pink interior.


Bought by: Miss R

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