Sunday, 25 April 2010

Archive - Portable Picnic Gramophone...

I bought this picnic gramophone back in February for £45.  I had hoped to find one a bit cheaper but then did some research on ebay and realised I had probably done ok.  It needs servicing though and I met a lovely man when Miss R took me to an antiques fair a few weeks ago who services gramophones so I am looking forward to listening to old 78's in the park in the summer on it.  

The sheet music books I bought for £5 for 6.  I am not musical at all so I won't be using them for what they are originally meant for.  I am going to music paper cover a chair in them in a kind of papier mache style.  I will post photos of the results when I have a few spare hours to get creative!  I have been wanting to do this for years but got reminded of how cool it could look when I saw designer Kyle Bean's 2009 Christmas windows for Hermes.  Click the below link to see what I mean - AMAZING!

Bought by: Miss J

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