Monday, 19 April 2010

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th April...

Here are my treasures from this weekends sunshine filled Bootcar adventures. I got to three car boot sales in total, I was very happy! Okay here goes..... Large cream platter (£2), beautifully intricate pale blue and cream platter (£2) you will see in the next close up photos that the pattern on the plate is so pretty, ribbons and pearls...I love it. Small tea pot (30p), small white porcelain jug (20p), large glass jar (£1), small round glass jar (20p), cut glass vase (20p), 2 x glass candle holders (50p each), vintage scales (£2), iron bucket (50p) and finally large glass jug 20p. I was very lucky and got such bargains this week...hooray!
I was drawn to this book because of the beautiful colour pairing. Pale blue and red... Miss J and I are loving this colour combination at the moment. Then of course when I saw the title I had to have it. It was found on the stall of a trader that Miss J has become friendly with so as usual I sent her to enquire the price....she is my lucky charm, all the traders seem to take a shine to her. The lovely man said it was a gift.... Miss J blushed and I was very happy.
I have not seen scales like this before, loved the colour and how worn they are, now I just have to find a bowl on my travels to fit on top.
The larger jar when bought was housing an extremely 'vintage' dried flower arrangement complete with very old sellotape all around the top, after a good wash it has come up like new. Sorry I had meant to take a before shot but got carried away when I got home and washed everything before I had photograhed it...ooops! I plan to fill these jars with sweeties or lollies.

Bought by: Miss R

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