Saturday, 21 January 2012

Who you calling a Muppet...?

Last night Miss B and I went to the Soho Hotel in London for a private screening of the upcoming Muppets movie {released in the UK on February 10th} and to have a closer look at the multitude of fashion collabo's that are underway to celebrate the launch.  I personally cannot wait for Miss Piggy to attend the premiere in London in a custom made Giles gown, rumour has it that she will be walking the red carpet accompanied by the designer himself. Not necessarily a film I would have gone to the cinema to see, it certainly made me smile with it's somewhat cheesy songs / dance routines and wholesome be good to each other message.  I was particularly taken by the bunch of kermit balloons {you know how I love a helium balloon} in the foyer and was a little bit gutted, ok massively that they were just for the kids!  In terms of the collaborations I am really loving the Miss Piggy for MAC artwork, she certainly knows how to work a wig change in the movie.

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