Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Finding a Factice - The Chanel No 5 quest continues...

Crystal Renn shot by Giampaolo Sgura, styled by ADR for Vogue Japan November 2011

Chanel.  The interlinked double CC's is my all time favourite logo ever {yes ever}. So simple, yet so chic, timeless and elegant - much like Coco herself.  Years ago I discovered No 5 and have never looked back, it is my signature scent and I LOVE it.  I also seem to go through quite ALOT of it.  Those 100ml bottles don't last that long with me {much to Miss R's - 'oh god she has been at the bottle again' when we meet up for a night out}.  As much as I love the scent, with Chanel it is the whole experience I enjoy, the classic crystal stopper bottle and understated white label - pure packaging porn.  

 Amber Anderson shot by Simon Burstall for Elle France November 2011

I have an imaginary wishlist of things that I would like to add to my collection of curiosities/clothing that I update occasionally.  I only include items I know are investment buys and that I will love forever, I am not really into throw away fashion, I have always been of the mindset that I would prefer fewer items but that they are beautifully made, quality pieces.  And so amoungst the Givenchy rottweiller mens sweat and archive Prada lipstick print pleated skirt is the holy grail of object d'art. The Chanel factice.  Or to be more precise x2 {it's a twin thing} factice's, so that I can use them as book ends - how cool would that look?....Or maybe I would just like to recreate my very own Chanel No 5 perfume ad, I think I like the idea of drinking it through a straw like Amber above though - ok?!

Ingrid Moe by Hunter & Gatti for Vogue Spain October 2011
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