Friday, 21 September 2012

Foot Fetish Friday - 'Prada's Tabi Sock Geisha Girls'

There is something going on with footwear for Spring 2013 if some of the big players in the industry are anything to go by and that something are flats. Yes, flats. It's happening on the streets too with a noticeable proportion of the FROW working a flat shoe/boot this season and it looks really cool and modern. Don't get me wrong - I love a heel and their leg lengthening effects but there is nothing worse than a women who can't walk in her heels.  You could be wearing THE most desirable footwear but if you are tottering along precariously it is never going to be a good look. I also feel flats are a great way to give a more dressed up evening look egde. In NY when Victoria Beckham {self confessed queen of the killer heel} sent her models down the runway sans her signature 4/5 incher I felt something was bubbling. Anyway, I digress, the shoes that caught my eye this Friday are from Prada and they have a futuristic geisha girl slant with metallic leather tabi sock {some models just wore these sans shoe} and satin bow strap harajuku platform with leather daisy appliqué - WANT. 

Prada SS 2013 {}

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