Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sunday Supper Club Sorbet...

On Sunday Mr J and I hosted a little Sunday night Supper club and I made my first ever dark chocolate sorbet.  I thought I would share it with you.  As regular readers know I am a bit of a baker but fancied something less filling and more refreshing  for desert, especially as the summer sun decided to show itself in London and temperatures are on the way up!  After a bit of internet research I went with a recipe which I tweaked and the results considering I a) don't have an ice-cream maker and b) substituted ingredients and made it up a bit along the way were pretty delicious!  All you need to re-create is 200g of good quality dark chocolate, I used Lindt 70% (Miss R's favourite), 250g of caster sugar, I used golden caster and added a vanilla pod, scraping the seeds into the melted chocolate mixture after I let the whole pod infuse the sugar syrup, 600ml of water and I chose to omit the suggested 50g of cocoa powder. Essentially you just melt the sugar into the water to make a syrup then pour onto the finely chopped chocolate to melt and churn.  If, like me you are sans ice cream maker simply pop into a magimix and blend, freeze, re-blend and freeze.  The result; a melt in the mouth sorbet that tastes as rich and creamy as ice cream without the dairy!

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