Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bailey's First Car Boot...

On Saturday Miss R and myself and of course Mr B himself woke at ridiculous o'clock {5am - eek!} and went to actually do a car boot rather than wander around one.  It was actually lots of fun and we both got rid of some clutter and made £50 each and then charity shopped what we hadn't sold on the way home.  Bailey was like a celebrity at the end of it, everyone wanted to stop and cuddle Miss R's puggle, he really is a social little thing!  I lost count of the amount of people that asked how much Bailey was "is your puppy for sale"{hilarious?} which prompted Miss R to put a price sticker on his head.  Please ignore the stealth sportswear I am rocking, a 5am start + our unglamourous car park location does not a hot look make, it does = a kangaroo pouch happy place for Bay though! 


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