Saturday, 20 November 2010

Saturday 20th November - Saturday morning happy place...

So Miss R and myself FINALLY returned to our favourite car boot in London early this morning after a rather longer than expected sabatical since the Wedding of the Year in July. Wow, I had forgotten just how cold this shared simple pleasure of ours can be in the winter! The last time we found ourselves in our Saturday morning happy place the temperature was so much warmer. Anyway I will stop rambling about the weather and get on with more pressing matters, namely what we bought, how much it was, where it is going to live and why - here goes!
Vintage print of Humphrey Bogart in 'Life is Beautiful' - here's looking at you kid! £10

Clockwise from top left: Medical Jar £1(loving the old label, it reads 'Peake's Dentaline Powder for preserving and beautifying the teeth and gums' - how funny!), Glass done £3 (we will remove the natural 'still life' inside and house some sort of candle or perfume inside), Asiatic Pheasant Cup 20p & Serving Platter £1 (they will add nicely to our ever growing collection of this delightful and distinctive pale blue and white china), Self Help Book from 1903 £1, 'A Garden I remember' sheet music £1

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