Saturday, 30 January 2010

Saturday 30th January...

There was a fine dusting of snowflakes over London early this morning, but hey what is a little snow between sisters when there are beautiful collectibles to be found!  It was FREEZING though....when we had finished looking at every stall we retreated to the warmth of Miss R's car with numb fingers (myself) and frozen toes (Miss R)!  Here's what I found...

Vintage Underwood Typewriter, £4 (steal!).  I am not sure if it works, I doubt it, but I have always loved the look of old typewriters and intrigued by what might have been composed on them.  Thought it would make a great prop in any case.

Vintage tin to add to my collection - love the chocolate brown and vanilla custard colour combination. £1

Hallmarked Sterling Silver cutlery £5.  These knives and forks are really exquisite close up and are in amazing vintage condition, they have such a great weight which you only get with real silver! The detail of the flowers engraved on them is beautiful and the pearl-esque handles remind me of my Mum's gorgeous cake slice which I lust over every time she cuts a delicious home made cake when we go home.

I was lucky enough to be photographed by Rankin for the RANKIN LIVE exhibition at the Truman Brewery last summer and have been looking for a special frame ever since to display my print.  We see a lot of this style of frame at the car boot but it is rare to find one in such good condition as well as having the original glass, £10 - bargain!

Bought by: Miss J

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